Forks Log Cabin

Forks Log Cabin

Forks Log Cabin

Thank you for taking the time to visit us. Our goal has always been to provide safe, clean and aesthetically pleasing accommodation to our guests.  In 2005, we routinely noticed "no vacancy" signs in our local motels and were aware that many visitors to the Olympic Peninsula were sleeping in their cars in parking lots and on the side of the road.

Having been a builder and woodworker, we decided to use a portion of our riverfront property as a dedicated guest facility by building a log cabin. Soon after, there was a surge in Forks tourism as a result of the "Twilight" craze. Unfortunately, authentic log cabins require years to stabilize. We opened for business in 2009 and have been busy since then. 

We are active members of the Forks Chamber of Commerce. VJ is on the Forks school board.  We both attend an Independent Bible Church and are on the church’s mission board. We both taught school for over 30 years and have since retired.  Catch us on your visit and we will gladly share some adventures of teaching in Africa for two years. 

Sandra will more than likely be the friendly voice that answers the phone and takes your reservation and billing information.  VJ could easily be spotted on the river or ocean fishing or found in his workshop. When you visit be sure to enjoy the garden. During the spring months, over 350 migrating hummingbirds have their annual reservation for a drink at our feeders (we know based on consumption of fluid).

Several times a year the resident elk visit the property looking for ripe apples, blueberries and garden produce. You may be able to spot them in the front yard or over the bank. Welcome to the Olympic Peninsula and enjoy your visit!

Sandra & VJ Giles
Owners and Innkeepers